Apple Universal Dock for Your iPod or iPhone

The Apple Universal Dock is used for charging and syncing your iPod or iPhone via access to a USB port. You can also use the dock for connecting to a TV or speakers to allow more ways to enjoy audio or video files right from your device. The easy connection made possible by use of the USB port/cable helps to eliminate a lot of excess cables and cords normally required. It provides for a streamlined, clean look and gives you better access to the device so you don’t have to crawl around on the floor or reach behind the computer to plug in or connect cables.

Use the Apple Universal Dock in the following ways –

By connecting the dock to an outlet using a USB cable and power adapter, you can simply place you iPod or iPhone in the dock to charge the battery.

Not only can you easily charge the battery, you can also make a connection to your computer with a USB cable and sync your iPod or iPhone from the dock. car cup holder iphone dock The dock makes syncing content from iTunes quick and easy.

Another great option is to connect the dock to speakers or a stereo with the use of a stereo audio cable and you can play music from your iPod or iPhone, enjoying stereo quality sound.

If you have an iPod or iPhone that can play video, why not hook the dock connector to the VGA adapter, component AV cable or composite AV cable to play videos or display photos on a TV or other video device.

The best part of all is that you can playback everything with a convenient remote, which is included with your purchase.

For all iPod and iPhone models that feature a dock connector and adapter, you are able to use interchangeable inserts known as dock adapters. To clarify interchangeable, this means that any iPod or iPhone with a dock connector can be used with the Universal Dock. All you need to do is insert the adapter for your specific device model and plug it n. If you need to change to a different size iPod or iPhone, remove the adapter and replace it with another.

Dock adapters included with this accessory package fit the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3Gs, iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th) and iPod nano (5th).

Should you own multiple iPods or iPhones, you can just keep one dock connected to your computer, stereo or TV and change the adapters as needed. The dock stays in place and all you have to do is change the adapters for whatever application you want to use, whether it be audio or video.

While you have your iPod or iPhone in its place in the dock and connected to your TV or stereo, all that is required is to hit the remote to play your music, slideshows of photos, videos, etc. from anywhere in the room. Select your playlist, video, photo show and it will display for you with no effort other than hitting the play button on the remote.

The remote is easy to use with your standard features such as play/pause, forward/back and volume control.

You get a nice system here for easily and effortlessly switching between applications, syncing and charging your iPod and iPhone battery, all in a sleek, classic-looking dock.

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