Using Storage Organizers to Declutter Your Trunk

There is a multitude of storage organizers in just about any size or type you might want, and it’s a good idea to keep a few different types in your trunk. For example, a shallow box is great for grocery shopping. You can help save the environment by refusing the store’s bag and just drop your groceries in the box for a safe trip home.

If you use your car as a traveling office, a mobile file crate allows you to keep the files you need close at hand, and if you need to bring some work home, you can just carry the whole crate inside.

File storage organizers are great for storing more than just files. For example, if you work with brochures or pamphlets, you can organize them in separate files inside your file crate. With the pamphlets securely housed, they won’t end up scattered all over your car where they can easily get wrinkled or dirty.

If you transport files between your home and office on a regular basis, arctic zone trunk organizer and cooler an enclosed file crate that’s set up for hanging files might be a better option than an open file box.

And there are organizers designed specifically for golfers and other sports enthusiasts. One example is the Picnic at Ascot Golf Trunk Organizer, which neatly stores tees, balls, shoes, towels, and other golf paraphernalia. And you don’t have to worry about those smelly shoes stinking up the place – the area over the shoe compartment is ventilated!

So, be brave. Get out there and go through all that junk in your trunk. If you use a storage organizer to make efficient use of the space, you might even be able to find your spare tire next time you need it.

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